A foot in my father's house

The Enterprise
December 26, 2015

Shooting Suspect At Large

BROCKTON – Police report that a shooting occurred in Brockton yesterday at the home of Rayquan Wallace (22) and Latisha Retton (19). The alleged gunman, Taylor Moran (24), broke into Wallace’s apartment on Christmas Day at 8:35 PM to the surprise of Wallace, Retton, and their daughter. He brandished a handgun and neighbors report hearing a loud argument before a single gunshot. Reports indicate that Retton may have recorded portions of the incident on her smartphone, eventually surrendering this evidence to police. Officers had already been alerted to the argument and were on scene shortly after the shot was fired, which put Wallace into critical condition. Wallace was rushed by ambulance to Signature Healthcare. The hospital reports that Wallace coded while in transit to the hospital, but thanks to the work of the hospital staff and EMTs, Wallace was resuscitated. Moran fled the scenes. A reward is currently being offered by the BPD for any information regarding the location of Taylor Moran, as the suspect is at large and considered to be armed and dangerous. Police report that Moran and Retton had a prior relationship.

Boston Herald
December 17, 2015

Deadly Shooting at Biogen Offices

CAMBRIDGE — On Wednesday, December 17th at 2:11pm Bernard Samuels (39) opened fire on employees within the Cambridge Biogen Offices, police report. Samuels killed seven and placed an eighth employee still in severe critical condition, before turning the gun on himself. This victim, Lara Raith (30) – a long-time employee of Biogen – was unresponsive when medics arrived on scene. First responders were able to resuscitate Lara and she remains in critical condition at Boston General Hospital. Police reports indicate that Samuels’s daughter passed away earlier this year after Biogen therapies failed to save her life.


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